Ensemble Phone is Fashionable and Sci-Fi

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Would you like to use a handset that looks like a robot’s arm? Well, this is the case with the Ensemble phone concept, pictured below and created by Jerome Olivet. Gone are the days of rectangular phones and now we’re dealing with a curvy unit with a glossy shell, that includes some metal.

The outer area of the device is made out of plastic, painted in pearly white and we also learn that Ensemble relies heavily on voice control, thanks to voice recognition technology. There’s also a micro display on the side, allowing the user to access information and this is a touchscreen, that was included in an original way.

The device measures 3 x 11 x 4.5cm and it’s very original, but we wonder if this sci-fi phone concept is comfortable enough for the average user…

[via Designbuzz]