Mobiado CPT001 Luxury Concept Phone is an “Objet D’art”

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Mobiado recently showcased a concept phone that they call an “objet d’art”. We’re dealing with the Mobiado CPT001 model, a luxury phone that uses materials from the Renaissance period and modern technology. On the inside you’ll find all of the components of modern handsets, but the exterior is a different thing.


CPT001 is made out of a solid block of marble with letters engraved in gold and details as well. It’s got a touchscreen display, made from a big piece of sapphire and its buttons and fancy watch under the screen are made from solid gold. You can even see the mechanism of the watch, for an extra touch of geeky elegance.

Odds are this concept phone will become real, but when that will happen we don’t know.

[via Unwired View]