Op Art Touchscreen Phone is the Fashionista’s Ideal Device

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We see tons of stylish concept phones each day, but the Op Art is a bit more than the average human can grasp. I’m not much of a poet or dreamer, so I don’t like this design, but Alessandra M. Enriconi put her best effort into creating a handset that’s unconventional and futuristic.


Don’t expect to find uber-features on the specs list of the Op Art phone, as it only comes with a basic touchscreen plus a microphone and speaker, each on a sliding side. There’s also a camera in the mix, but you can only guess where it’s hidden, as for the display of the handset it can change its appearance by showing op art images.


Pop Quiz! What is Op Art? As Wikipedia puts it, it’s “known as optical art, a genre of visual art, especially painting, that makes use of optical illusions. Op art is also known as geometric abstraction and hard-edge abstraction, although the preferred term for it is perceptual abstraction.”

[via Cell Phone Beat]