Fujitsu Concept Phones Part 8: Slim and Stylish White Phone

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We’re nearing the end of our series of Fujitsu concept phones showcased at CEATEC 2009 and this time we’re having a look at a white handset, that looks more like a VoIP phone than anything else. This stylish and slim device comes with a special empty space at the bottom, allowing it to be easily attached to clothes, purses and whatnot.


Notice that there’s a WEB button on the front side, plus another key for mails and we have yet to find out if this Fujitsu concept incorporates a camera or not. There’s also another “hanging piece” at the upper side of the phone, so you’ll attach the device by using this area as well. That’s about all we know regarding the Fujitsu handset, unless you count that it also includes a numeric keypad.




[via Akihabara News]