iWish Concept – PSP, Sidekick and iPhone

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Check out the following concept, one of the most complex console/phone designs I’ve ever seen. So, the PSP finally gets a touchscreen, a better interface, a healthy pack of apps and a QWERTY keypad. I don’t quite see myself texting quickly on that though.

And that display would better be shock resistant and tough… Other than that, the iWish is a piece of heaven I’d get my hands on, if it were real.


[via Just Another Mobile Phone Blog]

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  • kaneya

    Man I hope they make da I wish its da best thing ever dat people saw on da internet please sony

  • Anonymous

    side kick ys the best

  • kaila

    ya should really make a psp sidekick i would buy it

  • wise_1

    y would they even make sumthin like ds? it looks koo but it could never replace da original sidekick……………besides, it looks like the slide up screen would have trouble gettin over da buttons anyway

  • mike

    that thing is so tight

  • errol

    the psp sidekick is da best thing ever who ever made it is the best son and to the person who made it is freakin kool and a jenis.

  • jairo

    Thiz thing is soo kool plz sony make thiz psp i¡ will buy it

  • chris

    please i really want it please make it i beg you

  • k33n4n

    to make dis happen(psp+iphone+sidekick) send a blog to sony

  • rain

    just wondering if its the size of a psp bekus a psp is realli big. also its betta if it flips up many people dnt like the slide up

  • Biqq D

    this thinq is pretty tite. i wud buy it. i aqree no one relly likes a slide. the oriqinal sidekick flip wuld b awesome. also can someon tell me if this psp will have the same features as the original psp. iwould hate to throw away or sell all my umds

  • james braselton

    hi there a psp iphone sid kick would be alwsoume i would run mac ox leaporad and have games like mac halo runing too compete with apples new ipad or any thing runing halo game i want halo too go please make the master chief portable thats all i want

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  • London Oree

    I hope that this is true because I want the psp side kick phone.so please email me were and how I can get this phone.

  • Hi I really hope they make this as I want one sooooo bad.y after seeing it on google. I might ask them to make it myself then I can get one quicker xx

  • Anonymous

    can you play games on that thing

  • Kerplees Thiasson

    Well Sony and apple won’t create this together maybe they make they’re own version of it