Google Gets Patent for Folding Clamshell Cameraphone

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I can’t exactly recall any big company launching a big cameraphone over the past year and half, maybe except for the ASUS ZenFone Zoom. Now there’s hope, if not for a new Samsung K Zoom, then for a clamshell with a big camera like the one below.

Google clamshell cameraphone patent 1

These pictures are straight out of a Google patent, for a folding handheld camera design. The patent was filed in June 2014 and approved a few days ago. It was issued by the US Patent and Trademark Office and details a folding cameraphone that has a hinge in the middle, typical for a clamshell unit. The camera module is quite big, that’s why we call this a camera-phone.

Google clamshell cameraphone patent 2

The massive camera may hint at optical zoom, OIS and large resolution. A Xenon flash is not out of the picture here, especially since we see a big flash-lookalike portion at the top. I have a feeling Samsung will be the one to make this phone…

Google clamshell cameraphone patent 3

Google clamshell cameraphone patent 4

[via and dpreview]

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