Google Pixel 9 Also Rendered; Goodbye Visor Camera!

Google registered a pretty big leak yesterday, when the Google Pixel 9 Pro renders were out. We covered them here. Also, a few hours later, the Google Pixel 9 popped out of nowhere, courtesy of 91mobiles and @OnLeaks. We dissect it after the break.

Gone is the visor camera, now replaced by an oval camera area. The Google Pixel 9 also adopts a flat frame, but also rounded corners. It comes in a blue hue that I would call “Ciel Bleu”. It also seems to get 3 cameras instead of the 2 that the Pixel 8 had. One of them is a periscope shooter. We also see a LED flash and right below it there’s a special sensor, probably a temperature sensor.

The screen also becomes flat, not just the frame. The source reveals the following measurements for the device: 152.8 x 71.9 x 8.5. The thickness is beefed up to 12 mm with the camera bulk, by the way. We’re dealing with a handset that’s longer, wider and slimmer than its predecessor. It’ll also have a 6.1 inch screen, which is smaller than the one from the Pixel 8. I’m willing to guess and bet it’ll have a Google Tensor G4 processor, at least 8 GB of RAM and at least a 3X optical zoom, if not even 5G.

via 91mobiles/ onleaks

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