HTC Second, the Instagram Phone

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Just a couple of days ago, the HTC First Facebook Phone started selling in shops and a new era of social devices started. We did have a bunch of Facebook phones previously, like the HTC Salsa or ChaCha. Well, why not start dreaming of other social handsets, like the Google+ phone or even the Instagram phone.

htc second instagram phone

Deviantart member raintomista imagined the HTC Second Instagram concept phone, that allows you to see a stream of photos from friends on a homescreen that will be refreshed automatically. HTC Second will always allow you to stay connected with friends, see their pics and interact with them. I guess that HTC Second could be priced even lower than the HTC First, so lower than $99.

Also, in order to run Instagram and its associated services, I guess that the specs won’t have to be too high end. Maybe a dual core Qualcomm CPU could work, or even a high power Intel processor, although I’m not sure how well it will manage battery consumption on the device. The display resolution would have to be HD, to see those Instagram-fied pics in all their splendor.

[via Deviantart]


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