Communication and Sharing Technologies in 2019, as Seen by Microsoft Office Labs (Video)

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We’re speechless and stunned! Barely one year after being astonished by the Nokia Morph concept phone, Microsoft decided to give us a taste of its 2019 technologies. Microsoft Office Labs allowed the general public to check out their “2019” montage and video, featuring people using next-gen means of communication, sharing content and interaction.

Here’s the futuristic bag of goodies:

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The video got introduced on February 28, at the Wharton Business Technology Conference, revealing the future of personal health technologies, high tech education, animations, real time translations, Surface-like displays, transparent walls and screens, projecting devices and whatnot.

There’s even an electronic newspaper in the mix and, of course a flexible handset.





[Source: via wmpoweruser]

  • 2019!!!! i have to admit that i can’t wait for it, by the way and the rate things are going , technology is really taking up wings. we the consumers are the benefits of it all…and the world at large.