Futuristic Smartphone Features Wraparound Screen With 3D Visuals

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Kent Dechjun posted on his Coroflot profile a few renders showing a futuristic smartphone with several ideas we’ve heard before. I’m talking about a “crystal clear screen”, that wraps around the body of the handset and offers 3D graphics.

wraparound phone concept 1

The screen of this concept phone can display both 2D and 3D images, by changing the back portion into a more transparent area, from what I can see. Once it becomes matte, you can see the 2D graphics of the front screen. This is a Windows Phone device and the idea of having two layers of tiles is interesting, because you gain more screen estate, in the background in 3D.

On the downside, the lower bezel of the handset feels a bit too big for my liking. By the way, the entire phone feels kind of small, maybe with a 3.5 inch or 4 inch diagonal, but once again you gain more screen area with the 3D effect… Fancy this?

wraparound phone concept 2

wraparound phone concept 3

[via Coroflot]