Surface Phone is Back Courtesy of Render from imlyox

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Deviantart user imlyox, the one who created yesterday’s HTC One A9 2016 concept is back, this time with the Surface Phone below. We’re dealing with a metallic shell mode, that’s a bit rough around the edges and sporting a camera that feels a bit pixelated.

surface phone concept 2016

It’s clear that the designer may have a thing or two to learn, but he’s perfecting skills right now. While the body looks OK, that pixelations round the camera and some icons must be corrected, as well as the look of the capacitive/virtual buttons. Also, here’s a nice thought for all of you designers who want to create an extraordinary Surface Phone: make it modular!

Seriously, how badass would it be for Microsoft to come out with a modular device before Project Ara would be ready? I imagine it would hold quite a few slots and ports for those hardware extras…

[via Deviantart]

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