Windows Phone 9 Concept Finally Brings a Decent Shortcut Area

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Ghani Pradita from Indonesia shows us his concept for Windows Phone 9, an OS that has been rumored to unify Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 under one common roof. The designer of this UX/UI focuses more on useful stuff like notifications and accessibility.

windows phone 9 concept 1

For one thing, the “widgets”, as he calls them will be scrollable horizontally, like on Windows 8. I guess he’s talking about an evolved version of the dynamic tiles, that will now be moved on the screen, pretty much like we do in Xbox Music. Then there’s the aspect I like the most about Windows Phone 9: you can swipe down to open a panel of shortcuts, just like on Android.

The design here fits perfectly with the simplicity of Windows Phone and all the shortcuts are vital ones. Just have a look at the LG G2 notification area and you’ll think one thing: clutter. Finally, we also get a lockscreen concept, that allows us to have a small peek at the tiles behind it. Pretty cool right?

windows phone 9 concept 2

windows phone 9 concept 3

[via Behance]

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  • Juned Malek

    This concept of Windows Phone 9 is so cool and Pretty Awesome :-), all the best.
    Juned Malek

  • truthy

    The only real difference I see here is that things scroll sideways instead of up and down. That’s how the lock screen unlocks in WP 8, except it rolls up instead of to the side.

    I do like the look of those live tiles though. Not a fan of scrolling down to access notifications, as you already scroll down to reach your full string of live tiles. As has been suggested before, it makes sense to scroll to the left to access notifications with the way WP 8 is designed.

    Just my thoughts…

  • Luka

    WOW!!! Please use this design, Microsoft!!! It looks GREAT!!!

  • Middu

    That’s not a concept…. that’s a dream that unfortunately will never turn true! 🙁

  • I hope you’re wrong Middu 🙂

  • anonymous

    Buy an Android phone if you like that…

  • Anonymous

    @anonymous -> UI of android looks crappy