Motorola Edge 50 Pro Combines New and Old School Design

Motorola Edge 30 Pro was unveiled in early 2022 and now we’re waiting on the Motorola Edge 30 Ultra, which will arrive on August 2nd. Well, designer PEACOCK has already envisioned two device generations in the concept you can see below. Meet the Motorola Edge 50 Pro.

Somehow I feel that the front of the device is modern enough for 2023, while the back is a bit old school, or better said out of fashion. The front has very narrow bezels, with a screen to body ratio going past 90%. I see the 200 megapixel camera is still cool in 2024, the year this device is associated with. According to leaks and rumors the Moto Edge 50 Pro has a 6.7 inch FHD+ display with a Super AMOLED panel, plus a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor and 12 GB of RAM.

It also has 512 GB of storage and Android 13. Also, I just figured out that this device will actually come in 2023, not 2024. Moto Edge 30 Pro may be followed by the Edge 50 Pro, since Motorola may appear to be an US company, but it’s owned by Lenovo, a Chinese company and “4” is bad luck in Asia. We didn’t have an ASUS ROG Phone 4 for example. The device also has a 6500 mAh battery, with 90W charging and sadly we don’t have many details about the camera, aside from the main sensor.

I for one am happy that the screen is flat, no curved on the sides (or not too curved), since that helps with the gaming experience. I find it odd that there’s a dimple for the Moto logo, which was usually associated with a back side fingerprint scanner. That should be gone. The front camera is hidden below the screen panel and it’s revealed or hidden depending on your preferences.

via Peacock

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