Motorola RAZR 2023 is going to be all screen externally

After the OPPO Find N2 Flip unveiling in Europe last week, Samsung replied with a Galaxy Z Flip 5 rumor, that has it featuring a bigger external screen. Not to be outdone, Motorola is also doing that. The Moto RAZR 2023 just leaked out.

This time the 2.7 inch screen graduates to covering the whole external side of the device, according to the renders. They come straight from reputed source and leakster extraordinaire Evan Blass. The outer screen may be well be past 4 inches in diagonal at this point and it gets a flurry of new features. There’s its own app list, notifications and probably full screen apps.

I’m expecting YouTube, Gmail to be supported, plus maybe even Chrome for web navigation. Having the camera cut in the screen is no small feat and would definitely increase the price of the device. The UI also looks rather fresh compared to the previous external screen UIs we’ve seen. The hinge is also more discrete and angular and the device looks smaller than the current massive and wide RAZR 2022.

via Evan Blass

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