NEC Concept Phones From 2007 Look Good in 2009

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Back in 2007, during the WJ show we saw a couple of NEC concept phones worthy of our time and attention… The most interesting of them was the telecam-phone below, with a very hot display, featuring multimedia controls and a landscape keypad.

This could easily become the best camcorder phone out there, provided that all the photo/video features are hot (megapixel count, optical zoom, codecs).


Next, there’s a messaging/e-mail-centred phone, which sports a pretty interesting keypad, that’s alphanumeric and also uses Asian characters. Nothing impressive, but passing on to the next NEC concept phone we notice that it’s a leather belt-handset combo, one designed for fashionistas dash cowboys.

Soft touch keyboard? No thanks…


The fourth NEC concept deserves the name of “Scissor Phone” and I bet that its form factor has something to do with powering it with the aid of that handle. Last, there’s a device that looks more like a walkie-talkie, than a phone and also comes with a tiny webcam and some toys that an infant would love.




[via akihabaranews and slashphone]