15 Things You Can Do on a Smartphone When Bored

What do you normally do when you are getting bored? The majority of people pull out their phones and start scrolling social media accounts or surfing the web. And when you get bored of doing these activities, you end up doing mindless scrolling. 

In this article, we will discuss some of the most engaging, interesting, and productive ways in which you can use your smartphone when bored. 

Delete Photos You Don’t Need

Think of those 25 clicks that you captured to get that perfect profile picture to put on social media. Take time to delete those redundant images and optimize your phone’s storage to make space for more other files. 

Unsubscribe from Mailing List

Receiving too many promotional email messages is quite annoying as they fill up your mailbox quickly. Unsubscribing from the mailing list will enable you to relieve yourself from the burden of erasing dozens of emails every day. 

Post GIF on Instagram

GIFs are fun. These short animated images are an easy way to express your thoughts and can be used for reacting to a post. In your free time, you can spend time and learn how to create and post a GIF on Instagram and other social media platforms so that you can see your friend’s reactions. 

Go through Your Favorite Publications 

Now when you have got enough time to go through your backlogs, open the week-old emails to check what your favorite publications and their writers have to offer. Scroll through the blogs and articles that cover your interests. 

Check Your Horoscope

If you want to know what your future holds for you, you may check your horoscope on an astrological website. This can be a fun activity and an engaging one too, as you can discover new facts about your stars according to your birth month and sun sign. 

Attend Online Yoga Sessions 

Spend your ideal time gaining good health and attend yoga sessions to ensure that you get it right. You can download an online yoga app and follow the on-screen instructions to stay fit and healthy. 

Enjoy Coloring & Crafting

If you are an art-holic, you can install a coloring application available for free to download on Android or iOS. Pick your favorite colors and show your creativity the way you want. Some of the apps come with incredible color palettes, so you can mix them to make a unique shade. 

Take a Quiz

One of the best ways to beat boredom when you have a smartphone is taking an online quiz to test your IQ. Search about J.K. Rowling or learn about visual arts or explore the 20 top destinations in the world and try relevant quizzes to test your memory. 

Play Online Games 

Online games are the most engaging pastime you can enjoy on your smartphone, but be extra cautious while downloading the latest games. Make sure the game is compatible with your smartphone and doesn’t result in slowdowns. 

Update Social Profiles 

If you wish to do something productive and gain something out of your pastime, start optimizing your social profiles. Keep a check on your LinkedIn profile and update your professional information or optimize details in your Twitter handle.

Learn New Hacks

Try new hacks to make your household chores easy, time-saving, and effortless. You can spend time learning online kitchen hacks, shopping hacks, etc., and can make your friends learn the same too. 

Try Google Earth

Imagine seeing the world without spending even a single penny from your pocket. You can discover new places by exploring Google Earth on your smartphone while sitting on your couch. No flight bookings, no accommodation reservation, nothing; all you need is a smartphone and internet connection. 

Browse eCommerce Store

Got nothing to do? Well, it’s time to shop for a new outfit or maybe an electronic gadget. You can browse through all renowned eCommerce stores to compare the prices of the product you want to buy and grab the best deal. 

Move Data to Cloud

Set up an account on Cloud drive and get 2 GB of free storage. If you wish, you can go for a paid one too to get access to bigger storage. Once done, move your old photos to the Cloud drive or save important files from managing them later from anywhere on any digital device. 

Listen to Audio Track

Download your favorite music album from a trusted website or play an audio track online and enjoy the melodious notes. Just close your eyes and relax while enjoying your favorite music album on your smartphone. 

Hopefully, the above-mentioned list of activities will help you stay engaged and utilize your smartphone quite productively when you have nothing to do. Pick the right activity as per your personal preferences and beat the boredom effectively. 

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