7 Browser Extensions That Will Simplify Your Studies

Modern students deal with loads of information and have to effectively manage their schedule as well as remember about their well-being. It’s not always easy to keep up with all the stuff, and technologies are the way to address such issues as:

  • information overload;
  • missed deadlines;
  • mental distress;
  • miscommunication during remote studies or online discussions.

Another option many students consider is to order essay – so that to manage academic tasks faster and with less stress. Yet, this article is going to focus on the browser extensions that can help you study more efficiently.


Online communication is a must today, but it has flaws. It’s harder to communicate some ideas in written form or just describe them in words via a video call. In this case, you’re going to need a screenshot with explanations, and Lightshot can help you.

However tech-savvy one may be, there’s always something standing in the way of making a proper screenshot. And even if you have no issues with just making and saving it, there will still be other concerns. 

Do you need to ask your supervisor about something on the screenshot but doubt they will get it instantly? Maybe you need to highlight something or add some text to explain what you mean. This extension offers all of this, including freehand drawing, to help you out. When the screenshot is ready, you can:

  • upload it to the cloud;
  • share it using a link with anyone; 
  • copy it to the clipboard;
  • share the picture on social media;
  • save it on your computer;
  • print it out.

Taskade: Team Tasks, Notes, Video Chat

In order not to go crazy because of the volumes of information students have to manage today, you’re going to need a place to organize your daily schedule, assignments, and projects. 

The extension is connected to the Taskade website itself and offers a quick creation of crucial notes. Just click on the icon, choose the workspace or project where you’d like to add the item, write the note, and press ‘Add’. This way, you can avoid the “I need to write down that later” thing that almost never works.


This tool probably doesn’t need long introductions. Grammarly has been used for a long time by anyone who has to work with business correspondence, academic writing, copywriting, recruiting, you name it. Yet, it’s not only a website where you can check your text for mistakes and plagiarism. 

The extension provided by Grammarly can give you hints throughout the browser tabs. So, it will be there for you whether you’re writing an EssayPro review on NoCramming (in case you use NoCramming), composing a Google document, emailing your teacher, or submitting an application to an institution.

NimbusMind: Meditation, Relax, and Calm

It’s quite often hard to focus on homework due to fatigue, nervousness, or reluctance to complete any assignments. NimbusMind can help to resolve this problem.

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/buymYm3RQ3U

The extension offers relaxing sounds of nature as well as calming views of landscapes you can choose from. If you want to customize the sounds, there might be some limitations unless you have a subscription. Yet, several options of beautiful background and sounds of water and birds should be enough. 

You can put them either just for background noise or have a 5-minute break looking at pleasant scenery or meditating. Short breaks are proven to be effective sources of energy restoration. So, think about installing this tool. 

Zoom Scheduler

This kind of extension would be useful for those who organize group discussions inside student circles or some extracurricular activities. It has become quite common during lockdowns to take part in such conferences for the sake of socializing at least somehow. 

Moreover, the extension can come in handy if you’re about to have several interviews regarding your application to a college or university. It’s also connected to Google Calendar which makes setting the meetings even easier.

Cite This For Me: Web Citer

This gem can have your back when you have no idea how to cite a source, especially an online one. Just click on the extension icon, choose the referencing style, and copy the citation. 

The main point is to make it a habit to cite sources instantly. Otherwise, you’ll get stuck in the browser history for several hours trying to find a page you could have cited from the very beginning with just a few clicks.

Yet, don’t ever forget to countercheck the final version of citations before submitting your work. The extension may give you a solid basis for finding the source online again or making a few corrections to adjust it to the style requested by your teacher. For instance, there are a bunch of Harvard referencing styles, and the one offered by Cite This For Me may differ a bit. 

Google Docs Offline

The extension name is pretty self-explanatory, yet, let’s go through its main features and advantages:

  • offline access to Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets as well as other files on your Google Drive;
  • offline editing of documents;
  • multifunctional interface for copying and pasting information across files. 

All you need to do to use the features above is to turn on offline access to the documents you need on a constant basis. They will be automatically saved offline.

Summing Up

All the extensions listed above can be installed from Google Chrome Web Store. Yet, you can find their analogs in other browsers for sure. Just know that there are numerous tools out there that can handle some mundane functions and simplify your working and learning processes.

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