Hitachi Futuristic Interface May Not Be All that Sci-Fi (Video)

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Our first impulse was to call Hitachi’s fresh technology “Minority Report”-like interface, but there’s a million blogs out there doing the same… Instead, we must say that a source inside the company claimed that a TV with this tech on board might pop up in 2011. How cool is that?

We’re talking Microsoft Kinect-like interfacing, allowing the user to control any kind of informantion shown on a TV screen simply by waving hands. Video projectors are also supported and apparently this is a working prototype, so it’s past the concept stage. Medical use of the tech has been mentioned, like some sort of hands-free MRI, or showing video footage during surgery without too much emphasis on control.

Owning a TV with Kinect and Hitachi’s tech would make it an option to not leave your house… ever. Scary, huh?


[via Akihabara News]