How To Create An Electronic Signature On Your Phone

It’s possible to feel exhausted when sending documents from your phone, and you discover you have to put your signature somewhere on the form. You don’t have to go through the stress of printing the documents, signing them, and then scanning them back to the appropriate quarters.

You can create an electronic signature with your phone neatly and clearly. You don’t have to worry about how secure this is. Most of these e-signature platforms also have security measures put in place such that your signature is protected from third parties. Continue reading to know more about electronic signatures and how you can create them on your phone.

What Is An Electronic Signature?

Perhaps you still don’t understand how you can sign documents online. Electronic signatures are drawn on devices like phones or laptops rather than with ink on paper. They’re used for digital documents like PDFs, word documents, spreadsheets, and other electronic platforms. 

With electronic signatures, you can create a digital impression of your actual signature on the platform required without even printing out the document and scanning it. This makes a lot of processes and transactions easier and faster.

Electronic Signature Concept, Electronic Signing Businessman signs electronic documents on digital documents on virtual laptop screen using stylus pen.

Creating An Electronic Signature On Your Phone

First, you can create an electronic signature using any digital device such as an iPad, iPhone, laptop, or desktop. Your phone would do the job clearly, whether it’s an Android phone or an Apple product.

You can do this most traditionally by drawing your signature with blank ink on a white piece of paper as the background. This can be scanned or captured with a good camera. Scanning will, however, give the best quality. This would give you an electronic form with your signature that can be used for signing e-documents.

There are also a variety of platforms that allow you to draw your signature with your phone in a clear way. You can save it and proceed to the next stage of putting it on your document.

Signing Documents With Your iPhone

You can sign on a Word or PDF document with your iPhone using your Mail app. Perhaps you’ve received a mail from your workplace sending you a form to fill in a space beneath for you to sign. Download the file and open it using your Mail app. After opening, give it a single tap for the icons around it to become visible. You’d notice a marker icon on the upper right corner of your phone.

Tapping this icon will open up some tools at the bottom. Among these tools is a `+` icon. This icon enables you to add texts and signatures to the attached document. Click on it to fill out the form and add your signature. Select Done, and you can send the filled form with your electronic signature.

Using Adobe Sign & Fill

The Adobe Sign & Fill app can be used to add a signature to your PDF documents and is equally free for Android and iOS users. Using the scenario of a document sent to your mail requiring your signature, open the mail and download the document. Click on the Share button that’d lead you to select ‘More.’ Among the list that shows up, look for Adobe Sign & Fill and click on it. If this is your first time using the app, you have to create an account or sign in if you already have one.

After doing this, the document shows up in a list of other documents on your phone. Open the desired document you want to sign on. On opening the document, you’ll see a toolbox appearing in the lower right corner of your screen. This toolbox contains all you need to add text and signatures to your document. Click on it and make the desired additions to your documents.

Another thing to love about this App is the ability to create and save a signature for future use, so you don’t have to create a new signature each time you open the app. When you’re satisfied with your additions, save the file to your phone by clicking ‘Save to Files.’ That’s not all. Remember to send it back to the appropriate quarters through your mail. 

Open your Mail app to create a new mail or reply to the existing mail. Long press to bring up the icons and click on the arrow that will lead to the ‘Add Attachment’ option. Click on it and choose to open your iPhone folders. You’d automatically see an Adobe Acrobat folder created by your phone. Therein lies your desired document. The document attaches to your mail as soon as you tap it.


Things don’t have to be difficult as they seem when you have the right knowledge and tools. Some online platforms have made it possible for you to create signatures on your document on your mobile phone, irrespective of where you are.

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