Modern Tech That Every Hotel Should Have

Hotel technology is constantly changing and improving. Even in the last decade, we have seen several new modern advancements such as automated check-in, online reservations, electronic room keys, and barcode identification, to name a few. As travelers demand more from their hotels, hotel owners and managers must do everything they can to provide the latest modern amenities.

Why Is Hotel Technology Becoming Important?

These days, guests are demanding more from their hotel rooms. In the past ten years, we have seen a tremendous boom in technology that has helped hotels take their room amenities to another level. 

Many hotel owners looking to introduce or upgrade their technology end up looking into automated check-in kiosks over the traditional full-service process. These self-service machines allow guests to book rooms, electronic print tickets, and luggage tags, request extra bedding, contact the front desk, and pay their bills without having to wait in line. 

For example, your hotel might offer complimentary high-speed internet and pay-per-view movies through your TV’s remote control access. These amenities and their respective devices are crucial to modern hotels because they offer guests more choices with how they feel in their room space.

Contactless Payments

Hotels and mobile devices keep us connected like never. However, we still need physical keys to access rooms when we travel. Therefore the mobile key is such a cool technology- it can replace the card key hotel guests use to gain entrance to their room with a mobile app that allows them to unlock doors just by tapping their phone on a lock.

What’s cool about this is that it takes advantage of the contactless payment technology that has taken off in recent years. Instead of using cards, guests can use bank accounts or prepaid cards to pay for their rooms, and they only need to enter their phone number at check-in- no wallet required. This helps cut down on theft, lost cards, and guest confusion over which credit card to use.

Hotel Virtual Reality Tours

Hotel virtual reality tours are top-rated in the travel industry right now. Every hotel should use this technology to improve their guest’s experience during check-in and while staying at the hotel.

Only 20% of travelers book hotels using ‘bricks and mortar’ methods, meaning looking at photos or calling them directly. The other 80% use technology to make travel decisions, like searching sites like Priceline or Expedia.

This virtual reality technology allows users to explore the hotel’s rooms and facilities online before they book. The main benefit of this is for guests who are traveling with family members that have disabilities. These people will browse the facility in advance and decide if it’s a good fit for their family.

Facial Recognition Technology

Facial recognition is a modern tech that is now available for all hotels. However, few people know it exists and how it benefits the hotel industry and its customers. Facial recognition can provide customers with tailored recommendations for both hotels and restaurants based on their preferences. It can equalize the playing field by removing names from guest lists. This also makes it possible to identify repeat guests, which are generally more profitable for hotels.

A customer arriving would be greeted by a camera that would scan them and deduce their identity. If they match the guest’s name, an automated process will work to check them in.

Out of all the different technologies out there, facial recognition is one of the most useful. Many hotels are keeping it on their radar for upcoming investments.

Check-in Kiosks

If you’ve ever had to wait in line at a hotel desk, then you’ll appreciate this idea. You can eliminate the long lines by using one of the many check-in kiosks available for hotels. It lets guests print their key cards, offers them an option for obtaining directions to their room, and has options for checking out as well.

It’s an excellent way for hotels to embrace new technology and allows the hotel staff to focus on other tasks that will benefit guests. It also makes checking out more straightforward, both for guests and hotel staff. You will enhance the overall guest experience by cutting down on wait time while providing guests with an interactive and easy way to check in/out.

Service Automation

Service automation is becoming more and more critical. It is a superior new technology that has the potential to automate virtually every service in a hotel, from front desk check-in and checkout to room cleanliness, supplying amenities, and more.

For example, a hotel can put in a system that remembers what amenities you use and order more before they run out. A restaurant could have the orders sent directly to the kitchen without having waiters to take them. Or housekeeping doesn’t even need to go into rooms anymore to know whether or not it needs cleaning because of sensors under beds and in bathrooms. All of this is possible because of service automation.

Chatbots and Mobile Applications

These are some of the latest technologies that hotels should look into. Chatbots provide substantial benefits of saving money and increasing profits while streamlining hotels’ operations and services to their customers. Mobile Applications make it easier for guests to check in and checkout and allow hotels to increase revenue through personalized offers and immediate reservations of new or existing services.

A chatbot is essentially an automated or artificial “conversational” agent that interacts with human users over the web using vital pre-agreed phrases. Chatbots can be used for various tasks such as customer services, marketing, and information inquiries, to name a few. They are controlled by an AI (artificial intelligence) that uses pre-programmed phrases to trigger the chatbot. Chatbots save time and money for hotels by allowing them to maintain 24/7 customer service without extensive human resources requirements.

The hotel industry is changing, and many of these changes are thanks to modern technology. With the new technology, hotel guests have a better experience, and hotels can increase their profits. The more modern a hotel is, the more competitive edge they have over other hotels in the area.

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