Trends and Changes in Mobile Gaming: What Does 2023 Hold for Us?

The world is becoming more connected. People can reach others far and wide, making it easier to do deals and get jobs done without leaving one place. With the increase in globalization, we believe the human race is progressing to another level of evolution, and we may be a step toward our next evolutionary level.

Technology has been at the helm of this growth, and many industries have experienced incredible growth. For example, you can easily place March Madness bets even if you’re not following college basketball. Access to the information you need is easy. 

The world is growing, and there will be more. The gaming industry has continued to give us top-notch exposure, and we can always consider the excitement of playing online. Accessibility remains the best part of the industry. Mobile gaming has become a global sensation, and players can play on the go. 

With smartphones and other mobile devices becoming more sophisticated, mobile gaming is more popular. So, if you’re already part of the industry and enjoying the benefits of the mobile gaming market, we believe it will only get better. In that case, we want to look at what 2023 holds for us and the trends coming to the mobile gaming world. 

Increased Growth Projection

The mobile gaming world will continue to grow, and more people will enter the market to enjoy the games and benefits of mobile gaming. We made this conclusion based on the Statista report for 2022, showing the increase in smartphone users. Also, AppAnnie reported that mobile game consumer spending was over $110 billion in 2022. 

With these growths, the mobile gaming part of the gaming world will continue to experience growth, and we will see more people take the industry more seriously. SensorTower also projected that 42% of the APP Store’s revenue would come from gaming apps, showing exponential growth. 

More Online Games

We expect more online games than offline titles this year. Playing against real humans has brought more interactivity to the gaming world. As a result, players enjoy playing against others, knowing the actions are not computer-generated. So, it might not gain much popularity if it isn’t an online game. 

Although some games can do without being online, having a sense of competition in the game will put it in another light. Therefore, we expect them to make more sense. In that case, it would be exciting to see how many games will enter the stores this year, but you should expect most of them to be online games. 

PC-Quality Experience

Before now, mobile games pale in comparison to PC games. The quality difference is high, mainly because phones can’t handle high-grade programs since they have smaller processors than PCs. In that case, we had to make do with a lesser version of the games we play on PCs and consoles. 

However, smartphones can handle high programs with more processing power and a more efficient system. In that case, we can expect to enjoy PC-grade quality when playing on mobile. Moreover, we can enjoy more exciting games without a massive setup or gaming device. So, you should see that it will only improve. 

Social Connections

The world is becoming more connected. We’ve moved from the days of pen pals to speaking to others more intimately, and with people enjoying this connectivity, the gaming market has found a way to bolster these social connections. So, we can expect more in this aspect. People will undoubtedly get to connect with more people. 

Many mobile games have incorporated chat features. Therefore, they allow players to interact with opponents and teammates during games. With that, your gaming experience becomes more enjoyable, and you can make more friends. 

Crossplay and Spin-Offs

We expect to see more spin-offs this year. Also, we might get some crossover titles where you will find two of your favorite game characters in the same game. These spin-offs will give us some of the best gaming experiences and should also increase the popularity of the mobile gaming market. 

Our Thoughts

This year looks good, with more exciting games coming into the stores. We expect the mobile gaming trend to grow as we receive more exciting titles. Mobile gaming will continue to enjoy more popularity, and growth will continue. In that case, sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride of 2023. 

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