Why The Phone Became the Best Friend for Your Career and Private Life

It is difficult to imagine our daily lives without the use of technology. Smartphones have evolved into useful companions not only in the professional sphere but also in everyday life. Furthermore, for some, they have completely replaced face-to-face communication. Is everything, however, so perfect in this case? What are the consequences of digitizing your life?

Without a phone, modern life appears impossible. Many people feel helpless when they leave their smart devices at home. For a human today, the phone is much more than just a device for making phone calls.

Today, it is a compact laptop computer that can be used for a variety of purposes:

  • Conduct important negotiations;
  • Organize online conferences;
  • Play games;
  • Create short videos;
  • Do business;
  • Produce personalized content;
  • And even edit scientific work or essays!

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How Many Hours On Average Do People Use Their Phones?

Surfing the Internet, task performance, and communication consume more and more time from people each year, reducing time for communication with friends and family. According to statistics, the percent change formula of people who use smartphones has shifted dramatically in recent years. People in the United States spend an average of 5.4 hours per day on their mobile phones in 2021.

Furthermore, they check their phones up to 63 times per day! As a result, when using a smartphone all the time, it becomes more difficult to focus on a specific task. This is especially true for millennials, who use their phones for 12 hours a day, 48 minutes of which are spent texting with other users. Of course, their messages may contain typos, but who cares if one is chatting with his friends?

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Can Your Phone Be Your Best Friend?

This may sound strange or even tricky enough, but most people consider their phone to be their best friend, owing to the fact that the device is always nearby and has an answer to almost any question. Here are five compelling reasons why:

It Is Always By Your Side, Even if You Get Lost

If you are a frequent traveller and are used to going on a trip with a map in hand, you will understand how frustrating it is to become disoriented and lose your way. When there is no one nearby except for your phone, the situation becomes even more threatening.

In such cases, this smart device will assist you in finding a way out and direct you to the correct location. Many people turn to technology for assistance, rather than people for help.

It Is Like A Personal Assistant Who Keeps Track Of The Latest News

In today’s world, everyone keeps track of certain news that helps them stay up to date on everything that happens in a specific industry or area, whether it is celebrity gossip or posting about new-fashioned life hacks, your phone will always send you a notification about the latest publication.

It Allows For Improved Planning

Smartphones now offer a diverse range of applications for everything from the payment for goods to public transportation schedules. As a result, one does not have to rush to avoid being late at a specific location because he always knows the time of arrival/departure.

This not only allows for better planning also allows you to keep track of traffic and traffic jams on the way to the needed location.

You Will Never Get Bored

A smartphone is like an amusement park that is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can use this small device to watch movies or cartoons, read books, play games, etc. It always has a variety of options to keep you entertained.

It Knows Answers To All Questions

Perhaps the key advantage of a mobile device is its ability to find an answer to any question. You can do this by typing on the keyboard or by using voice search.

It always tells you what the weather is like and where you can make the most money. Furthermore, it will never tell you that it is too busy to go shopping with you.

How Do Phones Help With Work?

Sending several messages in the messenger, checking personal mail, and checking the weather forecast all take a few minutes, but they divert attention away from work. Phones, on the other hand, are frequently an essential part of the workflow.


The messengers installed on the phones allow for faster responses from colleagues in the other departments. In this manner, one not only solves his work problems quickly but also saves time.

Shared Cloud Storage

Phones that are synced to cloud storage provide quick access to documents and other files from any place. Aside from that, one can make changes to the required files without having to launch them on the computer.


Many people use planners on their phones as a result of which they are always on time and deliver documents when required. They are always aware of their daily schedule and what is coming up due to the notifications they have set.

Sales Sector

Many small businesses conduct their operations through social media platforms. The phones allow us to do it more effectively by providing clients with timely support, information, and figures, which significantly increases sales.

Delivery Industry

It is critical for delivery drivers to stay in touch at all times so that they can update completed deliveries for sales or customer service. Furthermore, having a phone is critical if there are delivery issues, travel delays, the need to change the route, or unexpected breakdowns. The phone allows the driver to advise the customer or sales team in the office.

Steady Contact

The phone enables company employees to stay connected to the head office no matter where they work. If the manager requires sales data for the report immediately, he can contact the sales representative in this area or send an update request via email.


Friendship and social interaction are important. People put in a lot of effort to advance in their careers.

Nonetheless, they should not lose sight of the foundations of life, which are strong friendships and close family ties. According to preliminary research, people who are overly focused on their careers are more likely to lose touch with their closest social connections and, as a result, will live alone after retiring.

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