Nokia 4G Concept Prototype Wraps Around Your Wrist, Is Flexible

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2 years before Nokia Morph was designed, there was another promising flexible concept phone that could be wrapped around your wrist. There’s also a pretty neat earpiece concept included in the design and once you unwrap the Nokia 4G Phone, you’ll see a beautiful and simplistic interface.


Touchscreen is once again at work and the user interacts with it thanks to a stylus. I suppose that Morph borrowed a couple of elements from this Nokia 4G prototype, even the color, if you’re really into details.






[via mobilementalism]

  • YoInMotion

    I have seen many prototype that Nokia have made in the past but never brings on the market. In term of wrist ban phone I think is ther #5 if not more and we didn’t see nothing so far.

    This is the one I prefer but is it too expensive to produce…that might be why many of theirs proto don’t get far!!!!

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