Nokia ARES Windows Phone 7 Concept Looks Solid

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We’re back with yet another Nokia Windows Phone 7 concept, following yesterday’s design. This is the Nokia ARES, available below and packing very appealing specs, that include a 12MP autofocus Xenon camera and a 4 inch 16/9 screen. This was initially a MeeGo concept, but the switch to WP7 was made recently, for obvious reasons.

Nokia ARES adopts a convex profile, aluminum body and a clean design, with a single physical button (that will change in future designs to match Microsoft’s required number of buttons). The device also includes a microUSB port, 3.5mm audio jack and a microSD card slot (not something you usually find on a WP7 handset).

HDMI and the camera button are lacking, because of the design challenges, but they might make it to future concepts. What do you think? Any feedback is welcome either here, or on the source site.


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  • Michael Lococo


  • Michael Lococo

    Also the problem with making super thin phones it seems… is the battery has to be smaller so the battery life is not good.

  • hjmnyc

    Beautifully designed phone. Seems like a great quality and has an “expensive look” to it. Please don’t fall behind with the specs.
    I’d buy it!

  • Samvel Ghulyan

    I have brocken my lumia 820 phone screen & i kennt save my contact list. plase help me. How to do it?