Nokia iPod/Zune Thingie With 3 Inch Display Spotted

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After supposedly starting work on a Windows 8 tablet, Nokia now plans to reinvent the iPod… or at least the Zune, if the picture below is to be believed. This photo was taken during a recent T-Mobile event that was the official unveiling of the Nokia Lumia 710 Windows Phone device.

The gadget here is a 3 inch unit that’s described as a pocket tablet and seems to be some sort of media player. Also, this gizmo is WiFi only according to rumors and it might be an attempt from Nokia and Microsoft to resurrect the Zune. This “Nokia iPod” seems to be adopt the form factor or the Nokia Lumia 800 and the N9, with curved sides and flat ends. In the end it could still be a phone and we could be misinformed, but these are details from the people who were actually there.

Would you buy an iPod/Zune made by Nokia and sporting Microsoft software? Is there a need for such a device? Boredatwork has one extra picture.

[via mynokiablog]