Nokia Mobile Phones of the Future (Video)

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I recently stumbled upon two videos on YouTube, showing the future of Nokia mobile devices. The first clip is a rather emotional one, portraying handsets that look a lot like the current L’amour phones, but with a more modern approach. Those futuristic phones look like MP3 players rather than handsets and they’re focused on social networking and changing looks and styling.


It seems that in the future we’ll be able to send kisses via mobile, while using location based services to let all of our friends know where we are. The second video shows a hot cameraphone, that comes with a superb, fluid, intuitive and innovative interface. Browsing images is a piece of cake, but taking a photo is now a complex process, operated via touchscreen and with the aid of a rotating camera module.

There’s another phone in the clip, resembling the Nokia 888 concept quite a lot, while in the first video there was a square handset for ladies that looked much like a makeup kit.


What do you say? Are these devices doable in lets say 4 years time?