Nokia Mystery Ready to be Revealed – “Open at Your Own Risk”

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Talk about viral sites! Nokia has done it again, by making us feel like Lara Croft and Indy while we’re exploring the mystery of a … video. is their latest viral site, that greets you a pretty easy to solve puzzle and reveals the details of the “game”.


They talk of some royalties creating a clip “of grande weirdness” hundreds of years ago. Also the site mentions that this clip was hidden inside a box and that it’s protected by 4 seals. Of course we get clues, but they’re hidden in artefacts like Edison’s lightbulb, Apollo 11 and the Nokia Download Store.

The enigma will be cleared on Monday, July 7, but I bet that everyone will be celebrating the 4th of July and won’t have time to trouble their heads with such riddles. I smell a Nokia Tube launch… Do you?

[via Pocket Picks]