Nokia N95 Remake on the Horizon, As Cancelled Prototype Pops Up

Mr Mobile/ Michael Fisher posted a brilliant throwback video, back to the days of the Nokia 95. It was a time when smartphones were just getting started and this beast already had TV out and a pretty badass camera. What caught my eye was a Nokia N95 Remake, as a cancelled prototype popped up.

Interestingly enough, this is a slider phone that also doubles as a portable smart speaker and also has a camera ring at the back side. It can be used as a stand. We also get to see a fingerprint scanner at the back and a very immersive screen. Even Nokia official Juho Sarvikas confirmed that the company was working on a remake and took into account a vertical slide concept.

The problem was that you could not access the cameras and the speaker at the same time. Nokia N95 V 2.0 didn’t get to become a commercial product, but I’m sure it would have received a lot of lvoe. The camera had Zeiss branding and its design actually feels a lot like the Nokia 8.3 5G one. Honestly I can’t quite see the Nokia N95 inspiration, as it feels more like a HTC Arrive, or actually the HTC Surround, if I remember correctly. Be sure to look that one up.

Interestingly enough, the HTC Windows Phone models also had a camera ring that was used as a kickstand. Be sure to watch the Michael Fishee video, at the 6:12 mark, to see the new Nokia N95. Multiple slider formats were explored, as shown above in the sketches.

Any regrets for the fact Nokia canned this unit?

via Mr Mobile/ GSMArena

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