Nokia Ozo Gets Teased by Karl Jayson Panase

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We’ve just received a teaser image from designer Karl Jayson Panase, who created the Nokia Ozo concept phone shown below. If you look up the designer’s name, you’ll see that he has created quite a few good looking Nokia concept phones.

Nokia Ozo teaser

And in spite of the fact that the Lumia series has moved into Microsoft’s portofolio, he doesn’t seem to be giving up the Nokia moniker. Thus, the Nokia OZO was born and all we have is the teaser image above. The handset seems to be sleek, it has a physical camera button, a metallic looking body and a pretty flat screen panel. Usually, those Nokia ClearBlack devices had the screen panel a bit lifted over the body of the smartphone.

I can’t wait to see what the back side of the smartphone looks like and I’m guessing there’s a pretty nifty camera in there, one that may or may not be bulky. Anyway, the OZO phone has its teaser font styled similarly to the Pureview 808, so we have great expectations. I apologize for the designer for the “comming” bit.

[via Karl Jayson Panase]

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