What If the Samsung Galaxy S9 Had a Notch?

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Many people were surprised that Samsung chose not to copy Apple’s notch from the iPhone X, unlike many other big names among smartphone makers, like ASUS, Huawei and soon LG. Well, designer Martin Hajek now imagines a Galaxy S9 with a notch and the result is actually not bad looking.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 notch concept features an even narrower bottom side bezel, close to zero thickness actually. The designer also calls the device Galaxy S9N (N from notch) and unlike Huawei and ASUS, who are narrowing the cutout from the screen, Samsung goes bigger. There are renders when this notch actually seems bigger than the one from the iPhone X to be honest.

A good piece of news is that the curved corners of the screen seem better looking, thanks to them being clear, not black. Obviously, the notch isn’t just aesthetics and also has a purpose, like including a kickass face detection mechanism, maybe even superior to Apple’s. I have to mention that Apple worked for 5 years on Apple ID and even borrowed from Kinect tech in the process.

That’s very hard to emulate and I’m sure that Huawei and ASUS can’t even begin to compare to Face ID with their face unlock solutions. At this point with the rumors about the notch being gone in 2019, is there any point to copy it anymore?

[via Martin Hajek]

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