Sony Ericsson Filippa, New Unappealing Design

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After getting stunned and unimpressed by a pink C905, it’s time to criticize Sony Ericsson again, in case they ever decide to release the Filippa handset. What we’ve got here is pure ugliness and a specs list to match. Find out the features of this strange device below:


The shape of the phone goes back to the nineties, so nothing good can come out of this. It looks more like a laptop battery to me than a cameraphone, honestly. However, this is a Cyber-shot phone with UI 2.0, QVGA video recording, a 5 megapixel camera, TV-out and active lens cover.

The specs list also includes a 2.2″ QVGA scratch resistant mineral glass display, an M2 card slot, dedicated camera keys and illuminated imaging shortcuts. 140 MB of internal memory, face detection, BestPic and Photo fix end the features’ list and once again, please stop mistaking this for Sony Ericsson Kate, that handset might be ugly as well, but no THAT ugly.


[via SE-NSE Forums]