Sony Ericsson Video Phone – Capture the EURO 2008 Goals on That!

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After being stunned by a neat phone designed for ladies, it’s time to give the gentlemen a treat, shaped like a Sony Ericsson Video phone. This concept was designed by Anthony Mapstone and might just be your next camcorder replacement.


The Sony Ericsson Video Phone may allow you to capture the EURO 2008 goals, but what it surely does is offer handwriting recognition support and a dual mode function. There’s also a front camera for video calls, a 5 megapixel camera as the main video recording device, an MP4 player and… 8MB memory?!


Notice how the screen twists and locks into place, allowing the user to turn the Sony Ericsson Video Phone into a real camcorder. A neat browser, music and video player are also on-board of this multimedia wonder, which will very likely challenge any XpressMedia/XpressMusic touchscreen phone launched by Nokia.


[via Coroflot]