Sony Ericsson X750 Smart Prototype, Almost as Surreal as the X1550

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Remember that Sony Ericsson “monster” concept featuring Windows Vista? Well, things are about to get surreal again, as we check out a prototype called Sony Ericsson X750 Smart. This one also includes all sorts of futuristic features, but at least it comes with Linux 1.2 and not Vista, plus a decent 6 megapixel camera.


Here’s the prototype’s full list of specs:

– Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth
– 6 megapixel Leica 3x optical zoom camera/1.3 megapixel front camera
– 32 GB Flash Disk Drive (SDD – Solid Slate Disk), miniSD Slot
– Intel sARM 1Ghz, 256 MB RAM
– nVidia nMobile (T&L, 24 unificated shaders, 32MB RAM)
– 32 bit high resolution touchscreen
– mini USB

Software and apps:

– SE Linux 1.2 (core
– SE Media Player (support for MP3, WMA, AVI, MP2, DivX, Xvid)
– SE Movie MAker
– SE Music Studio
– Gimp Mobile
– Firefox 3 mobile/Thunderbird 3 mobile
– Miranda Mobile
– SSH Client
– SE Calendar
– SE Mobile Midnight Commander