Sony Ericsson XPERIA Rachael Leaks Again, in Black This Time

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With Sony Ericsson’s Twitter account claiming that they’ll launch something new tomorrow and XPERIA Rachael getting leaked again, in black, one can only assume that this handset will see the light of day soon. That being said, we know that Sony Ericsson might announce the XPERIA X2 tomorrow, or maybe Rachael, but they’ll surely show the world something new.


Last time we saw Rachael, it was shown in brighter colours, but still with the “leaked” status, so nothing official to brag about. Seeing “XPERIA” and “Android” on the same device makes us think that we’re actually seeing a very, very hot smartphone here, one that can easily compete with the iPhone 3GS, Nokia N97 and even Toshiba TG01.




[via GSM Arena and GSM Dome]