Xperia Play 2 Has a Crazy 4K Display

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Chris Chen has just created a fresh design and sent his Xperia concept to us, accompanied by some futuristic and over the top specs. Meet the Sony Xperia Play 2, that combines the best of Walkman, Cybershot and Bravia technologies into a single device.

VAIO Long Battery Life Wallpaper

The handset features a 5 inch OLED display with Bravia Engine 3 technology, X Reality Pro, Triluminos and 4K resolution. Inside we’ve got a Snapdragon 800 processor at 2 GHz, 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of SSD storage, plus Vaio technology all the way. MicroSD is also here, as well as a rear 35 mm full frame camera with 24.3 MP CMOS Exmor sensor. The ISO goes to 25.600 and this handset even supports 14 bit RAW image capture, if you can believe it.

There’s also Full HD filming, at either 24p, 60i or 60p and we’ve got Cybershot technology used for the camera. At the front we’ve got an 8 megapixel shooter with Exmor RS sensor. The Xperia Play 2 is PlayStation certified, it has Walkman sound technology and associated app and equalizer, plus a 2500 mAh battery. Finally, the gaming phone runs Android 4.2 and upgrades to Android 5.0. Its design resembles the one of an Xperia Z slapped on top of the control system of the PSP Go, with an interesting extra display area between the action buttons (showing the date/time), from what I can see.

[Thanks Chris Chen]

  • doug

    i cant believed it. its so amazing i think it must be called a monster phone ever with multi tasking gadget. a lot of featured and benifits.

    i did’nt wait for it.

    more power SONY tech.

  • goog very good

    super i l like super phone for game

  • alex

    Very nice but I have comment on it. The corners should be symmetrically rounded like the iphone which will look more feminine and the capacitive botton layout should be like the S4.

    I’m a user of Sony/Sony Ericsson up to now exept my S4 but the thing I noticed to Sony’s is that the UI background color is a faded black color. Making it poor looking pgone. Sony is pioneer in the audio n video technology but why the speakers seemed to be inferior quality/low volume to the other phones? If Sony will use the SLCD it may reduce the thickness significantly although sony’s displays are move vivid, colorful and accurate compared to Amoled.

  • alex

    I had been awaiting for the 2nd generation of xplay coz its a fantastic phone exept that its a low specs/very thick/dull display phone. Maybe this concept will resolve the weaknesses if Xplay1.

  • alufo desmond

    I’m happy because of full walkman inside,hope that it has dual speakers to balance the stereo sound when playing game and music,please make hest to release this monster.i wish SONY long life

  • I want it!!! lol… I can dream

  • Aaron

    I want to know the release date.

  • peter

    There should be an xperia play with best specs and keypad like xperia play yhat was unique . Play all PSP gaming on xperia because so.y is lost without xperia play . Sony with no key pad is useless like a normal phone phone gone down hill. Sony were smart bring out another xperia play with latest specs would be the king of phones with a keypad.

  • Persian-Concepts

    Non Ergonomic . But It looks Good . Best Speakers . But Ram and CPU … 4 g ram and 2 GHz CPU??? not good . Xperia Z2 3 GHz ram but Cpu very higher than this concept . my rate 3 of 5

  • tim

    how do I get my hands on one?

  • Nick

    No.The Xperia Play 2 should look like a regular phone, Galaxy S6 specs but with automatic PS4 gamepad connectivity. You could mount it like as with the Nyko phone holder. But it could also use PS3, Bluetooth or any wired controller via micro USB.
    Also it should have built in PS1 and PS2 emulators. I believe such a phone would be the biggest selling phone of all time. I would certainly buy one.