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iPhone Nano Mockups: Part 4

Keep looking for more iPhone nano mockups on our site and here’s a new one, in case you want fresh meat. This one belongs to Dorian, who claims that the new iPhone nano will be totally covered by the screen and lack buttons. The single buttonon it will the top

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iPhone Nano is Real!

Just before Christmas a ton of pictures showing iPhone Nano cases have hit the web and there were even a few concepts of the device to be seen, like the one below. Many have hinted on such a released even in the days of the first iPhone, but it seems

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iPhone Nano, Landscape “Phat”

This conceptual design is by default a landscape device. Just look at the placement of its home button and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Of course it can be used a normal iPhone, but that leaves an extra piece of the device’s body “hanging” on the side. Hmm, if

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