iPhone Graphite, iPhone HD and a New iPhone Nano Concept Ease the Waiting for the New Handset

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Adam Hutchinson is at it again and after designing the beautiful and useful iPhone Magnet concept, he upgraded it to the iPhone HD handset, you can see below. This new iPhone concept comes with a high definition screen, a full metal body, a 5 megapixel camera with autofocus (at the back), a front camera and an active Home button.


The front camera is a videochat 3G one and the active Home button changes color, as a way of showing notifications. Back to Adam Hutchinson’s work, he also created a brand new iPhone nano concept, the like of which we’ve seen a lot in the past months.

Is this better looking than its predecessors?


Last, but not least, comes the iPhone Graphite concept, with the same specs as those on the iPhone HD, but with a more elegant design. Who would have imagined that the iPhone Graphite design could span such follow-ups, albeit only concepts for now?


[via burningninja.co.uk]

  • iCian

    Georgeous iPhone Nano !!!!

  • Skkoop

    Best IPhone I have ever seen… the Iphone NANOOOOO.

    I hope the new one will look like this.

  • graffati

    Yes, I need the iPhone NANO !!!! GREAT

    I hope Apple will have a look …

  • Zoe

    I LOOOOOVE the iPhone HD!!! I really want one!!! Will it be available on tmobile contract?

  • I think that his design of iPhone HD & other new iPhone’s are BETTER. than the other ones & prototypes i’ve seen. Apple should really notice him more. MUCH more.

  • tiffany

    this is stupid whats the differents its white and weird i have the older one and its better and so im saying that and who likes this anyways y spend ur money when i got the older one its olny $97.00 wow thats not a lot

  • it is so nice to know that this web give me a general knowledge about phones.Thanks you .What may i say

  • Jon

    The nano looks awesome. That is the one I would choose.

  • Sean

    The iPhone nano has to be the most idiotic idea. What is the point? Next people will be asking for an iPhone XL and other sizes. Steve Jobs believed in simplicity and minimalism, and argued that all you need is one iPhone to do everything; a series of them is just money grabbing and goes to show how apple has become caught up in a competition to get money, especially after the release of the iPad mini. There’s no need. Also, the mock up shown here looks like a cheap blackberry.

  • sharon

    I’d get the iPhone Nano in a heartbeat!! Hope they actually create one!!