Litl Webbook, Photo Frame and Netbook in One Device

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We ran out of concept phones these days, but we’ve stumbled upon a pretty interesting portable device design you can check out below, the Litl webbook. Although we’re not sure if this is a concept or a real product, we tend to think that this is a mere prototype of a “webbook”. Said device is a combo between a netbook and a photo frame.


This slim portable gizmo allows users to surf the web, view photos, play videos and use other features that are pretty normal on a mini laptop. Its operating system is a custom one, easy to operate at any age (kids and elderly included).

Cloud computing services will also work with this webbook and you should know that Litl can be connected to a TV and its screen can be flipped over.






[via The Design Blog]

  • Hey Thrystan – we’re no prototype, we’re a real product, and you can buy a litl webbook online right now at !

    Also we’re way better than any photo frame you can find and our hardware is much better than the average netbook. Our screen is the best in its class for the size – mega bright and an astonishingly wide viewing angle – and our keyboard and design are also first rate.

    A point not to miss is that we at litl want to redefine the way people use the web at home and the litl webbook is just the beginning. And the software you get right now is also only the beginning – we have a remote update system that upgrades the software while you sleep. So, for long after you buy our product, we’ll be pushing to your webbook new features and special apps called channels that “litl-ize” your interaction with selected media streams, webapps and content. All without you installing anything. No tedious manual upgrades.

    Our vision is to simplify and remove the clutter that does not contribute to the types of uses we have for the web at home. We have the first truly web-oriented webbook and operating system – other proposed contenders are still vaporware.

    Be sure to have a good look at

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