Xiaomi Mi MIX: That’s How You Make a Beautiful Phone! (Video)

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Finally, we have a REAL phone that looks hot and deserves to call itself an “edge to edge display smartphone”. Xiaomi Mi Mix came out of nowhere yesterday and received an impressive amount of coverage, but is it worth it? Let’s find out!


First of all we’ve got Xiaomi, a company that’s young in the smartphone biz, where it operates for about 5-6 years now. Then the format isn’t totally new, since the Sharp Aquos Crystal X also offered it, but Xiaomi perfected it. I’m talking about a real edge to edge screen, with a 91.3% screen to body ratio and even cutting the earpiece and top bezel in the process.


The front camera has been crammed at the bottom and the earpiece is replaced by a vibration system, sending the sound via your skull. The corners of the panel are carefully rounded and this piece of work has a shiny, shiny back and ceramic has also been used for its body. The feeling when using this phone is that you’re holding the screen in hand, without any bezel.

The all ceramic body is an industry first, acording to Xiaomi and to top it all there’s an 18 karat gold version, with accents of the precious material. I feel happy when I see such achievements, because I’m sure our concepts have helped designers reach this phase. All of you designers out there, be sure to watch the videos below:






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