4 inch iPhone 2016 Model Leaks Out in Hands on Video; Could This be the iPhone 6c? (Video)

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We don’t only deal with concepts or prototypes here, but also with leaks, such as the one below, one of the biggest we’ve seen in recent history. It has to do with a 2016 generation of 4 inch iPhone, that may well be the iPhone 6c or iPhone 7c.

4 inch iPhone 2016 leak 1

The handset was somehow caught on camera straight out of a Foxconn plant and published on the interwebs by Micgadget, which is a reliable source. What we’re dealing with here is basically a 4 inch iPhone 6 version, that keeps its design format, metal chassis and even some specs. This model is said to have 1.2 GB of RAM, an Apple A8 CPU and a 1624 mAh battery.

4 inch iPhone 2016 leak 2

8 GB of storage are included and possibly an 8 megapixel camera. This is not your average cardboard or plastic mockup, but rather a real phone, made of metal and glass, so it’s the real deal! You can see the metal texture of the back and the glass screen with smudges on it. I’m very surprised that Apple hasn’t reacted yet, since it’s been 12 hours since the leak happened. What do you think of the potential iPhone 6c?

4 inch iPhone 2016 leak 3

4 inch iPhone 2016 leak 4

[via GSMDome.com and Mobilissimo.ro]

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