HTC One M10 Receives New Design Approach from Vuk Nemanja Zoraja (Video)

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The clock is ticking before the HTC One M10 launches and apparently that won’t go down at MWC 2016 next month. Instead we’re supposed to expect it in March, but before that a good old concept is here, created by Vuk Nemanja Zoraja. There’s also a video below, showcasing the same render in 3D, courtesy of Mesut G designs.

HTC One M10 concept january 2016 1

The designer relied on Keyshot, AutoCAD 2012 and some leaks to create this model. It has a 2.5D glass front, with rounded edges, a prominent top and bottom, a bit too shiny for my taste and quite big volume and power buttons. The dual front speakers are still present, complete with BoomSound and Dolby tech and this model seems to have a bit of a leather texture going on at the lower front side, unless my eyes have gone bad.

HTC One M10 concept january 2016 2

The back is matte and gray and the texture of that area doesn’t quite feel like metal, which would be odd for a HTC flagship. However, if a plastic material is used, this lets us remove the battery. Anyway, I’m sure that 2 or 3 things will be kept on the real HTC One M10, like the metal frame and rounded front side edges, plus speakers.

HTC One M10 concept january 2016 3

HTC One M10 concept january 2016 4

[via Behance and Mesut G Designs]

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