Apple Glass Steve Jobs Edition Pays Tribute to the Innovative CEO

Antonio De Rosa has come up with some of the most stunning Apple concept devices, so much so that we wonder how Apple hasn’t hired him yet. Today we get to see his latest work, the Apple Glass Steve Jobs Edition. It’s an homage to the Lunor Classic PP glasses work by Steve Jobs, with extra smart features.

The new Apple Glass concept has six cameras, eye tracking, as well as hand and gesture recognition. It can detect food and calories and it comes with a charger that feels like the AirPod one. I see that the design is minimalistic here and the frame of the glasses feels a bit like the Google Glass one. I also spotted a small rotating wheel on the side, probably used for navigation purposes, or maybe zoom, enhancement of the image.

Two of the major cameras are embedded between the two lenses in the middle of the frame, on your forehead area. There are also side cameras, inner lens cameras and a slew of sensors. I’m willing to bet that the carrying case is also a charger and UV sterilizer.

Apple Glass is made of aluminum and polycarbonate, for a lightweight body. It offers 2 days of battery life and has an eye tracking system with dynamic range. What’s missing here is the UI and overlay on top of the reality around. The interface could make or break the product and I’m curious to see how much it borrows from iOS, watchOS or other OSes.

Voice command would also matter a great deal here.

via Antonio de Rosa

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