Apple iFlex Foldable Phone is Perhaps the Best One Yet (Video)

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We have seen our share of foldable phones, but we usually stick to the brands that have already tackled the segment, like Samsung or Huawei. The occasional Apple foldable phone also pops up, but this is the best one yet. The Apple iFlex foldable phone has been created by Concept Creator and we have a look at it below.

First of all, the real star here is the hinge. I’m thinking it was a real pain to render, since it’s so complex. It feels like a special door opening mechanism and I also see some metal reinforcements. Concept Creator also added a pop up selfie camera and 3 back cameras. The whole thing closes and opens up like a book, showing an unified display space of 7.9 inches in tablet mode and 5.4 inches in smartphone mode.

The hinge actually reminds me of a lip phone a bit and there’s zero seam when the screen is open. I feel that somehow the core and the “spine” of the phone uses a lot of stainless steel, or so it would appear. The pop up mechanism has two cameras and two extra sensors, or they could just be Face ID mechanisms. There are lots of unknowns here, but aesthetically speaking, the device is pleasing enough.

The bezels are medium, not too narrow, not too thick and the hinge seems solid enough to last a few years. The only thing that scares mere here is the potential $3000 price tag… This is probably the best foldable iPhone concept yet though! It also definitely needs a different iOS.

[via Concept Creator]

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