Apple iMac Flow is a Beautiful All in One PC With a Touchscreen Included

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Since Apple didn’t announce any new iMac or Macbook at this month’s event, imagination can run wild and find inspiration in their other new products. Designer Herman Haydin came up with the iMac Flow, a beautiful All in One PC with a touchscreen embedded.


This device connects users to their computer in a new fashion and it also includes a fingerprint security scanner, similar to the one of the iPhone. It’s a full screen, multi touch display and the core of its design revolves around tactile input. This opens new opportunities for work, gaming and even drawing. Interestingly, the designer also envisioned a new way to store energy.


The iMac Flow is able to accumulate extra energy by using the heat from the human hands to add more power. The beautiful screen is made of sapphire glass and there’s a mention of “liquid hardware” inside, according to the designer. All the ports and connectors are “removed” said Herman, in order to make the device as minimalistic as possible.

Every connection happens wirelessly, possibly except charging… Badass? Yeap!





[via Yanko Design]

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