Nokia Prism is Plain Weird…

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I like weird. I like foldable phones, I like handsets made of crazy materials, smartphones with 64 GB of RAM and sporting endless battery lives. But this Nokia concept phone is a bit out there, as far as weirdness goes. It’s called Nokia Prism and it’s the creation of Vasili Sychev from Russia.


Don’t get me wrong, the execution of the Nokia Prism phone is flawless, but in the end what’s the point? This prism-shaped phone looks good only as a piece of art nouveau and only when seen from the back. I feels like the time when you tried to cut a piece of paper and it ended up being a trapeze instead of a rectangle. And then you started cutting again…


The problem with the Nokia Prism is that it has those sharp and angular corners and edges, making it not very comfy to hold, actually not comfy at all. And I’m not even talking about the resolution and the fitting of apps on the screen. It appears that the most prominent corner is reserved for the signal and notifications, while the “base” of the phone shows the rest of the UI and video playback screen.

This would work fine as a boomerang, but a phone? … Nope!





[via Behance]


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  • finally someone is DESIGNING mobile.. rather then giving us same RECTANGLE PIECE OF SHIT!

  • Sure. It doesn’t look to useful, but at least something new.
    Don’t think they will finish something like this, but it’s good (re)start 🙂

  • true..

    …and I don’t think it is designed by Nokia/Microsoft Designers because Nokia have already released a model name “Prism ” years ago plus they usually don’t release their model’s design months/years before the actual release..!

    I really hope Nokia Stays Alive this time!!

  • bjs

    Hey, let me try sticking this in my shirt pocket. Nope, don’t fit. Well how about my pants? Nope, too awkward. I guess I’ll just have to carry in my hand all day.

    I agree with Rahul that it is at least a creative design. Unfortunately, it is also impractical. The best creative design I’ve seen recently is the expanding Applie iPhone. That was a thing of beauty and intelligent design.

  • With some help from giant Foxconn, Sharp and HMD they sure will!

  • ARUN

    whatt about left handers?