Apple iPhone 5SE Gets All Slim and Fancy in Armend Lleshi’s Vision (Video)

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While we do have a basic vision of what the iPhone 5SE is going to look like, it’ll probably keep the design of the iPhone 5S intact. Best case scenario is that we’ll get a smaller iPhone 6. But what about a totally different design? What’s what designer Armend Lleshi is going for with the renders below.

iPhone 5SE concept Armend Lleshi 1

His approach feels straight out of the book of Gionee, with its skinny 5 mm phones and somehow reminding us of the iPhone concepts from the time before the iPhone 6 came out. All of them cut deep into the waistline of the iPhones, sacrificing batteries, storage and what have you. You can’t just have a 5 or 6 mm iPhone, make it look pretty and get rid of components.

iPhone 5SE concept Armend Lleshi 2

Anyway, this iPhone 5SE concept doesn’t exactly get rid of the antenna lines, instead it unifies them with plasticky panels at the top and bottom. We still get big bezels for the screen, a dual LED flash and for some reason the Power button is on the side not the top, even though this is a 4 inch phone. Lighting port, audio jack and speaker are all here, so the only sacrifice is thickness and that second grille at the bottom.

An increase in width also seems to have happened.

iPhone 5SE concept Armend Lleshi 3

iPhone 5SE concept Armend Lleshi 4

iPhone 5SE concept Armend Lleshi 5

[Thanks Armend Lleshi]

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