Apple iPhone HD Gets Teased, is a Black Slab of Mystery

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Bob Freking sent us a device he calls a combination of all Apple products. The concept is called the Apple iPhone HD and this a mere teaser for now, so we’re still waiting on the finalized design.

iphone HD concept

You can see that the new iPhone fits somewhere between the iPhone 5s and the iPad Mini. Its length is about the same as the width of the iPad Mini and I’m guessing its diagonal is somewhere at 5 inches or so. The black silhouette probably hides an edge to edge screen, a ton of metal and glass and maybe even a wraparound screen.

2 GB of RAM, a quad core Apple A8 CPU and iOS 8 are pretty much a given here, for this iPhone HD. And what better reason to call the handset HD than have it incorporate an UHD screen. How about that and what do you think Bob Freking’s iPhone concept will look like?

[Thanks Bob Freking]

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