New Apple iWatch Render Shows us an Ultrathin Bracelet

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There’s a new ultrathin Apple iWatch concept out there, one that finally looks elegant. After seeing so many iWatch designs, most of them bulky and based on too much metal, this is finally a good idea.

apple iwatch render

The only thing that might not work here is the fact that such a thin Apple watch may feel flimsy and fragile. This one seems to have an edge to edge display and if I were to guess, I’d say it’s made of a ceramic material, but the usual glass and metal are not missing either. We’ve got a camera on board, a special version of iOS and the App Store is here as well.

Apple would have to come up with a special way to keep this accessory fixed around the wrist, in order for it not to rotate around it. By the way, this smartwatch concept feels more like an accessory for the ladies than for men. How do you get the males to wear it?

[via Aturio Rose]

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