Apple iPhone Studio Channels The Mac Studio Into a Small Package (ADR Studio)

I’ve been following Italian designer Antonio de Rosa for many years now, for some of the best and most futuristic iPhone concepts out there. Time and and time again ADR Studio pushed the envelope and now he does it again, taking the Apple Mac Studio design language and applying it to the iPhone.

The result is called the Apple iPhone 16 Studio and it comes with an Apple A16 Ultra processor, USB-C port, 3D audio and a ProCamera Array, with a periscope lens. First of all, the periscope camera could be coming in 2023 or 2024, while the USB-C port is very unlikely, knowing Apple would prefer to go full wireless rather than have that hackable port. You can see the tiny holes drilled into the side of the device, much like the Mac Studio has.

The device seems to have a notch and instead we have an edge to edge display, with zero bezel. The quad back camera feels a bit dated, since it’s lined up horizontally, like LG used to do back in the day. Samsung too, for a bit. The notch is replaced by a pill and a hole for the selfie camera and Face ID sensor. We still get the Mute button and the rounded iPhone 4-style buttons on the side and the iPhone Studio shows up in green, yellow, blue and gray.

Such a device would hook up to one or two 4K or 6K monitors, a keyboard and mouse and would become a sort of work station. It would finally fight Samsung’s DeX and Motorola’s Ready For with a worthy opponent. The price would also go up and the battery would need to be truly special. It definitely looks like a beast, a pricey one.

via ADR Studio

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