Summer holidays are coming and you may want a VPN to stream your favourite shows + other travel tips

It’s the end of April and we’re all thinking about the summer holidays. Those may involve travel, since the pandemic has slowed down and during those long flights, train travels or ca travels, hotel stays, you may want to check out your favourite TV shows. A VPN would be a good idea, since some countries don’t have the same playlist of movies and TV shows as your own. We have some recommendations below and also some tips for taking a more secure, technologically enabled and smarter holiday.

Use a VPN

In case you’re hesitant about it, you can first try VPN trial to see if it works for you. Surfshark for example has a VPN free trial of 7 days for Android, iOS and acOS. They offer refund anytime with a 30 day money back. They also let you change your IP with 3200+ encrypted servers and also encrypt your connection to stop data tracking. Keep in mind that Surfshark, NordVPN, PrivateInternetAccess offer 10 Gbps servers. Express VPN and NordVPN also offer independent audit and some of the most popular choices on the market also have ad blockers.

Surfshark is also able to block malware, not just ads and it comes with Kill Switch and unlimited bandwidth. The prices start at 2.32 euro per month. Using a VPN may let you access your favourite streaming networks with the collection of filmes and TV shows you have in your country in lieu of the one from the country you’re vacationing in. You can also play games that otherwise wouldn’t be available on the local Play Store or App Store, in the area you are then.

Buy a local PrePay card

If you’re trying to avoid roaming fees, you should buy a local PrePay card, which is usually sold in airports and train stations. Be sure to read all the charges, benefits and unlock all services available.

Exchange the money the smart way

Use a service like Curve, Revolut, Monese, for the best exchange rates and international ransfers. You may also wnat a credit card without foreign transaction fees and activate multiple security steps, in case your card gets stolen.

Get the proper chargers

Some countries use different chargers with more or fewer prongs, but luckily some hotels also offer wireless chargers or USB chargers. It’s a good idea to do a proper research before going abroad or buy some adapters in your local electronics store, instead of the pricey ones from the airport or hotel. Be sure to bring a power bank with you, or smartphones with a large battery.

Download messaging Apps

If you’re relying on the international plan, but you’re not sure about the tarrifs, you may want to stick to Wi-Fi (preferably password protected) and use communication apps like WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, Telegram.

Make sure you save Maps for offline viewing

Signal may be spotty in areas, but most maps apps have an offline mode, be it Petal Maps, Google Maps, HERE weGo and more. You can download the maps at home and just use GPS signal to navigate once you’re there. You’ll see landmarks, routes, turn by turn navigation, but be advised: transit, bicycling, or walking directions are unavailable offline.

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